General terms of sales

The prices are in Euro excluding VAT and are recommended. We reserve the right for any printing errors, price adjustments as well as model and assortment changes.

According to agreement.

Freight and delivery terms
According to agreement.

In case of replacement or return of intact goods, Customer Service should be contacted primarily to get a confirmation to return the goods. A return must be reported within 14 days after the received delivery. If you receive an approval to send back the goods, the goods should be returned immediately and a copy of the delivery note or invoice must be attached together with a return form. Returned goods should always be in original condition. Intact goods will be credited. Regarding returns beyond the rules above, a deduction of 25% will be charged.

In case of a claim, Customer Service should be contacted primarily to get confirmation about accepted claims and what to do with the goods. Claims must be reported immediately after the error is detected. If you get an approval to send back the goods, it should be returned directly and a return form must be attached. The claim will be investigated and the result will be communicated to the customer soon as possible.

In case of a dispute, Guide Gloves adheres to ARN’s recommendations. ARN is The National Board for Consumer Disputes in Sweden. Read more about it:

Force Majeure
Any unpredictable event that affects and means that we cannot fulfill the agreement, may constitute a ground for exemptions from our obligations to fulfill the agreement. For example, war, natural disaster,
labor market measures, government decisions, lack of supplies from subcontractors, etc.

Privacy Policy
Guide Gloves is a company within Bergman & Beving and therefore follows their privacy policy. Read more about this: