Chemical protection

Choosing the right chemical protection is one of the most important decisions for your safety. Use our table to find out which material and which glove that provide the best protection against different types of chemicals.

Chemicals might have bad effects on your health if you’re not properly protected. To avoid heavy injuries, we have a range of chemical protection gloves with different protection properties. It might be difficult to choose the correct chemical protection glove.


Chemical protection – what is breakthrough time?

The table with permeation breakthrough times, for our chemical protection gloves, gives a recommendation of which glove that’s best suitable for different kind of chemicals. The higher number (breakthrough time in minutes), the longer you can wear the glove until chemical breakthrough. But please keep in mind that the chemical still affects the glove material negatively even though the glove is not in use. Take a new glove for each use to be on the safe side!

Read the user instruction that’s follows each protective glove, for more detailed information about your specific glove. There is also more to learn in the European standard for chemical protection gloves EN ISO 374-1:2016.

If you’re uncertain of which glove to choose, please contact our customer service and we will do our best to help you finding a suitable protective glove.

Tip: use the search function in your PDF reader to find a specific CAS number.