Are you looking for maximum dexterity? Do you work in humid environments or do you need heat protection? Check out the different features of our gloves.
The durability tells how long-lasting and durable a glove is. The durability depends on the materials and the design of the glove.

The level of flexibility describes how pliable and supple a glove is. The more flexible glove, the better use when dexterity is crucial.

Waterproof gloves
If you wear a pair of our waterproof gloves you are 100% protected against moisture and water and you will stay dry and comfortable, even if your hands are working underneath the water surface. All seams are sealed and there are no leakage points.

Water repellant gloves
For humid environments it’s a good idea to wear a pair of water repellent gloves. The gloves are designed with waterproof or water repellant materials or has a repellent treatment but, unlike the waterproof gloves, the openings between the materials is not sealed.

Warm lined gloves
Gloves made for winter use are lined and filled with insulating material to keep you warm and toasty even if the temperature is chilly. Choose your normal size or one size bigger if you’d like to complete your gloves with a pair of inner gloves.
Cut protection gloves
There are many levels of cut protection, from thin and flexible gloves with low level of protection to gloves filled with advanced technology for tough situations. Your choice of gloves depends on your mission.

Read more about EN 388:2016

Needle protection gloves
All our gloves with needle protection are included in our CPN technology range. The CPN gloves are designed to protect when there are risks of cut-, puncture- and needle injuries.
Welding/heat protection gloves
When you are dealing with hot stuff you might need a pair of gloves that protects you from the heat. We recommend you to wear gloves suitable for your specific task:

  • to touch hot surfaces you will need an insulated glove to protect you from contact heat
  • if your work could create sparks we recommend natural materials
  • if you are welding you should wear a pair of gloves that are certified according to the welding standard EN 12477:2001.

Read more about standards EN 407:2004 and EN 12477:2001

Gloves that withstands sparks
These gloves are made by material that withstands smaller amounts of sparks. The material doesn’t melt or ignite directly in contact with sparks but are not a substitute for welding gloves.

Gloves for oily environments
If you are handling oily objects we recommend you to protect your hands with a pair of gloves that withstands oil. With the correct glove you will not only be protected but also keep your grip, even on oily surfaces.

Read more about materials

Gloves with touchscreen function
The touchscreen function makes it possible for you to use your smart phone or tablet, without taking your gloves off.
Vendor pack
When the gloves are available in vendor pack version they can be sold pair by pair and they come with a handy hook and hang tags to be nicely displayed in the stores. We name these versions as HP and PP.