Work glove GUIDE 4503
Work glove

GUIDE 4503

Waterproof synthetic leather offshore glove designed for tough working conditions. Impact-resistant upper and inner hand with cut protection level D. The glove is approved for contact heat level 1, has touch function and is chrome and latex-free. The reinforced cuff makes the glove easy to put on and take off.

  • Impact Protection
  • Cut level E, Palm
  • Touch function
  • Neoprene cuff
  • Water proof
CE Category 2
EN 388
EN 407
EN 511


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Touchscreen function

The touchscreen function makes it possible for you to use your smart phone or tablet, without taking your gloves off.
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If you wear a pair of our waterproof gloves you are 100% protected against moisture and water and you will stay dry and comfortable, even if your hands are working underneath the water surface.
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Cut protection
Cut Protection E
CE Category
Category 2


CE Category 2
CE Category 2

Gloves in Category 2 are intended to protect the user from injuries that are not classified like minimal nor very high.
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