Work glove GUIDE 4505
Work glove

GUIDE 4505

Acrylic fleece liner with nitrile/PVC coating. Designed for cold and wet offshore work in tough working conditions. Impact protected backhand and two-layer dipping in liquid proof Nitrile/PVC. Tested for contact heat level 2. Cut protection level D.

  • Backhand Impact protection
  • Cut protection level D
  • Contact heat level 2
  • Acrylic fleece liner
  • Liquid proof
CE Category 2
EN 388
EN 407
EN 511


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Fully dipped

There are different levels of coatings depending on requested properties: palm dipped, knuckle dipped, fully dipped, fingertip coated and/or dots in the palm area. This glove is fully dipped.
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Oily environments

If you are handling oily objects we recommend you to protect your hands with a pair of gloves that withstands oil. With this glove you will not only be protected but also keep your grip, even on oily surfaces.
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Gloves in PVC has good durability and a good grip in both dry and wet environments. It protects well against several water soluble chemicals.
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If you wear a pair of our waterproof gloves you are 100% protected against moisture and water and you will stay dry and comfortable, even if your hands are working underneath the water surface.
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CE Category
Category 2
Cuff design
Open cuff
Cut protection
Cut Protection D


CE Category 2
CE Category 2

Gloves in Category 2 are intended to protect the user from injuries that are not classified like minimal nor very high.
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