Work glove GUIDE 7502
Work glove

GUIDE 7502

Extremely flexible goatskin work glove, designed for tough, hot working environments. Upper reinforced with heat-resistant meta-aramid fibers and reinforced knuckles. Inner hand lined with para-aramid, which also provides cut protection level B, and reinforced externally for enhanced protection. Heat-resistant double stitched seams. Certified in accordance with ATPV level 1 CAL 6.

  • Arc flash protection
  • Contact heat level 1
  • Cut level B
  • Goat grain leather, Meta aramide
  • ATPV level 1, CAL 6
CE Category 3
EN 407


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Cut protection

There are many levels of cut protection, from thin and flexible gloves with low level of protection to gloves filled with advanced technology for tough situations. Your choice of gloves depends on your mission.
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Leather is a natural material and adapts to the surrounding temperature and environment. There are different kinds of leather and these different leathers has different benefits depending on the animal and its origin and conditions.
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CE Category
Category 3
Cut protection
Cut Protection B
Cuff design
Open cuff


CE Category 3
CE Category 3

Gloves in Category 3 protects against risks that may cause very serious consequences. They must also be validated and certified, for both type and production control, by a Notified Body.
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