Waterproof gloves

Keep your grip with dry hands

When working outdoors, there’s one thing you cannot affect: the weather. You can, however, decide how much the weather is going to affect you. With high-quality waterproof gloves, you can keep your hands warm and dry whether the working day brings with it light showers or snow and biting cold. Not only do you avoid frozen hands, you also get to maintain your grip and good fingertip sensitivity.

As many different gloves as there are kinds of weather

At Guide, we think that waterproof gloves are about more than simply keeping your hands dry. Your gloves should help you work better and more easily, regardless of the weather. That’s why we’ve developed a range adapted to different tasks and different outdoor conditions.

A thin and versatile glove for wet and windy autumn days, or a fully lined winter glove for considerably colder climes. We offer both and many more between the two. Your hands and your work shouldn’t be affected by the weather. Common to all of our gloves are well-considered designs, smart details and carefully selected materials. Water and cold have a tendency to exploit weak spots, so nothing is left to chance.

Our waterproof range is based on more than 30 years of experience of developing gloves. So it’s not strange that we know the importance of a lining that doesn’t slide around inside the glove. We also know what happens if there are loose layers that tag along when putting on or taking off your gloves.