Construction gloves for warm summer days


Sweaty, slippery hands will impact your work in the heat.

By wearing gloves, you can perform better at your work as you get a better grip, better protection and also reduce the risk of burning yourself on overheated machines, tools and materials.

Stay cool and safe with gloves that have good ventilation and are made of materials with high breathability that gives you the best comfort

We recommend these work gloves

for warm summer days

thin and airy work glove - Guide 577

 a thin and airy work glove

Guide 577 is a glove with high breathability and suitable for construction work and assembly. The seamless nylon knitting provides an excellent fit and good sensitivity at the finger tips. The glove is palm dipped with microporous nitrile and has excellent ventilation. The cuff has a tight fit around the wrist. This is a thin working glove with high durability and excellent comfort.

Durable work glove with excellent airflow - Guide 5001
GUIDE 5001

Durable work glove with excellent airflow

Guide 5001 is a strong pair of premium gloves able to withstand tough conditions without compromising on fingertip sensitivity and grip. The materials we have used make the glove supple yet durable, and the excellent airflow keeps your hands cool – all day long. This glove is ideal for use in workshops, the construction industry and rough work both indoors or outdoors in summer.

thin & cool work glove with cut protection - Guide 308

 thin & cool work glove with cut protection

Guide 308 is an extra thin, cool and supple glove with cut protection level B. This glove fits perfectly when you want good grip and feel and are working in environments where there is a risk of cuts, but you are not working directly with sharp objects. The glove protects against dirt and liquid and although it is so thin, it has high wear resistance. Read more about cut protection gloves

Cool and durable all-round work glove - Guide 765

Cool and durable allround work glove

This work glove has a palm in a synthetic microfiber material, Amara, which makes the work glove both cool and durable. The top is made of stretchy fabric that gives the glove high flexibility and the open collar with elastic gives optimum comfort and makes the glove easy to take on and off. Guide 765 is suitable for light all-round work in construction, industry and crafts.

a glove lika a second skin with great ventilation - Guide 650

a second skin with great ventilation

This extra thin nylon work glove is dipped in PU, which gives a very good grip – even in wet conditions. The design and material selection of the glove makes it very thin and airy, like a second skin with great dexterity. Perfect to wear when details are a part of the job, such as assembly.