Product News SS19

We are happy to launch Guide’s product news for spring/summer 2019 – ten new family members with different features and functions including four Cut Protection gloves, one Cut Protection sleeve and one ESD glove. Have a look, we think you’ll like them.

Guide 24W

Guide 24W is a versatile glove developed for outdoor working environments in cold and wet weather. Hands are kept dry and warm due to a wind- and waterproof membrane, fleece lining and knitted cuffs. High visibility due to luminous materials on back of hand, reflective print and trim details. Preshaped design and elastic wrist for optimal fit. Durable PU on palm for good grip and endurance.

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Guide 319

A lightweight glove that offers a high level of cut protection and resistance against contact heat and sparks. This seamless glove in para-aramide/steel fiber allows the wearer to operate touch screens without removing the glove. Palm dipped in PU, this model is both flexible and durable.

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Guide 327

This soft, comfortable inner glove offers protection against sharp edges when worn alone and in combination with other working gloves. A seamless model in cotton/polyester blended with Kevlar offers both durability and breathability.

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Guide 329

A cut protection level C liner that offers high durability due to polyethene/basalt fibers in the knitted construction together with a double coating of nitrile. The gloves are fully dipped for water protection; the palms dipped in microporous nitrile for optimal grip in oily and greasy environments. A seamless model with comfortable fit.

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Guide 336

A lightweight, cut protection level C liner that offers good durability due to the blend of polyethene and basalt fibers. A comfortable, breathable and seamless glove specially designed to protect the hands from scratches and cuts when handling sharp objects and materials. Palm dipped in PU for a good grip.

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Guide 367

A thin, comfortable sleeve with cut protection level C. The sleeve is held securely in place due to elasticated nylon at the wrist and an adjustable velcro fastening at the upper arm. Suitable for industrials tasks involving contact with sharp edges of glass and metals and handling of sharp tools.

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Guide 578

A lightweight liner that protects sensitive electronic devices from electrostatic discharge. Knitted in nylon/carbon fiber this seamless glove allows the wearer to operate touch screens without the need to remove the glove. A close, comfortable fit; ideal for precision work. Palm dipped in microporous nitrile for durability and optimal grip in oily environments.

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Guide 594

A lightweight, flexible and water resistant glove in nylon. Fully dipped in nitrile, with microporous coating in palm to give optimal grip in oily and greasy environments. The double dipping makes the glove durable. A close, comfortable fit; ideal for precision work.

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Guide 654

A lightweight, flexible liner in nylon, palm dipped in nitrile for good grip and durability. Approved for contact with all types of foodstuff. A close fit, breathable and comfortable glove.

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Guide 5152

A lightweight, unlined glove in polyester and synthetic leather. A close, comfortable fit with open cuff and elastic over the wrist. Synthetic leather on palm, index finger and fingertips for good grip.

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