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Water Proof
Oil Proof
Chemical Protection
Food contact approval - All kinds of food

Disposable glove Guide 7012

Multi-purpose disposable nitrile gloves with a textured surface for enhanced grip. Provide a secure grip in both damp and dry environments, including situations where oil and grease are present. Inner chlorination treatment. Suitable for handling chemicals, microorganisms and virus.
  • Type B Chemical Protection
  • Microbiological and virus protection
  • Water and oilproof
  • Textured surface for an improved grip
  • Chlorinated inside
  • Safe for food handling
  • Extra long cuff for enhanced safety

Durability 3

Dexterity 7

Total length (cm) 30

Glove thickness (mm) .12

Outerside Rawmaterial Nitrile

Innerside Rawmaterial Chlorinated inside

Protective features Chemical protection (EN 374-1:2016)
Microbiological protection (EN 374-5:2016)
Virus protection (EN 374-5:2016)

Quality features Natural latex free REACH compliant Chlorinated inside
Food contact approved - All kinds of food

Ergonomic features Tight fit Water proof
Oil proof
Ultra thin
Good dry grip
Good wet grip
Good oily grip

EN ISO 374-1:2016 Type B KPT

EN ISO 374-5:2016 VIRUS

Durability Dexterity
CE Category
Category 3
EN ISO 374-1:2016 Type B
EN ISO 374-5:2016
Article number Size
223591103 Glove Guide 7012 7 7
223591104 Glove Guide 7012 8 8
223591105 Glove Guide 7012 9 9
223591106 Glove Guide 7012 10 10
223591107 Glove Guide 7012 11 11