Touchscreen Function
Heat Protection
Food contact approval - All kinds of food

Cut protection glove Guide 6607

Flexible, tight-fitting work glove manufactured in Guide HXFIBR™, a material that provides groundbreaking cut protection and excellent tactile sensitivity. The glove’s double-layer nitrile coating provides good grip. Knuckle dipping and the liquid-tight palm provide a good barrier against liquids. 13 gg liner and additional reinforcement along thumb and forefinger. Cut protection level F, approved for contact heat level 1 and food safe. Oeko-Tex approved. Touchscreen. ESD approved
  • Cut protection level F
  • 13 gauge HXFIBR™ filament
  • Knuckle dipped
  • Contact heat level 1
  • Extended thumb crotch reinforcement
  • ESD and Touchscreen
  • Food approved

Gauge Gauge13

Outerside Rawmaterial Nitrile Palm dipped 3/4 dipped Micro foamed Double coating

Innerside Rawmaterial Single knitted HXFiBr™ Steel fibres Elasthane Nylon

Protective features Knuckle protection
Thumb crotch reinforcement
Cut protection level F (ISO 13997) Contact heat protection level 1 (100°C, EN 407)

Quality features DMF free
Glass fiber free
REACH compliant
Oeko-Tex Confidence in textiles
Food contact approved - All kinds of food

Ergonomic features Tight fit Oil proof palm Knitted Cuff Touchscreen function Good dry grip
Good wet grip
Good oily grip

EN 420:2003 + A1:2009

EN 388:2016 4X43F

EN 407:2004 X1XXXX

IEC 61340-5-1 R: 2,1x10⁸-8,6x10⁸

EN 420:2003 + A1:2009
CE Category
Category 2
EN 388:2016
EN 407:2004
R: 2,1x10⁸-8,6x10⁸
IEC 61340-5-1
R: 2,1x10⁸-8,6x10⁸
Cut protection level F (ISO 13997)
Cut protection level F (ISO 13997)
Article number Size
223590113 Glove Guide 6607 7 7
223590114 Glove Guide 6607 8 8
223590115 Glove Guide 6607 9 9
223590116 Glove Guide 6607 10 10
223590117 Glove Guide 6607 11 11