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Water Proof
Oil Proof
Touchscreen Function
Heat Protection
Food contact approval - All kinds of food

Cut protection glove Guide 9508

Thin, flexible work glove with Guide XLNT™ nitrile coating, providing both a barrier against oil and excellent grip in both dry and oily environments. The glove is fully dipped and the inner hand double dipped, providing adequate protection against liquids and oils. Food-safe and approved for contact heat level 1. Oeko-Tex approved. Cut protection level D. Touchscreen.
  • 18GG cut protection level D
  • High dexterity & fingertip sensitivity
  • Superb oil grip performance
  • Superb barrier against oils and liquids
  • Double dipped & fully coated
  • Contact heat level 1
  • Food approved

Durability 7

Dexterity 6

Gauge Gauge18

Outerside Rawmaterial Nitrile Palm dipped
Fully dipped
Smooth finish

Innerside Rawmaterial Single knitted Polyester
Glass fibres
Steel fibres

Protective features Cut protection level D (ISO 13997) Contact heat protection level 1 (up to 100°C, EN 407)

Quality features DMF free REACH compliant
Oeko-Tex Confidence in textiles – 20.HCN.16056 HOHENSTEIN HTTI
Food contact approved - All kinds of food

Ergonomic features Tight fit Water proof
Oil proof
Knitted Cuff Touchscreen function Good dry grip
Good wet grip
Good oily grip

EN 388:2016 4X44D

EN 407:2004 X1XXXX

Durability Dexterity
CE Category
Category 2
EN 388:2016
EN 407:2004
Cut protection level D (ISO 13997)
Cut protection level D (ISO 13997)
Article number Size
223590573 Glove Guide 9508 7 7
223590574 Glove Guide 9508 8 8
223590575 Glove Guide 9508 9 9
223590576 Glove Guide 9508 10 10
223590577 Glove Guide 9508 11 11